My Best Work from Trimester 3

Here are some of my best work from Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Art during trimester 3

Wordly Wise is a website where you learn a set of 10 – 15 words in a set. After about a week of studying the given set, you get tested on it. I have never gotten a 100% correct on a Wordly Wise test before. This is the first time.

This is an example of a Wordly Wise question

Math is really hard. Especially Math magazine. Math magazine talks about how math can be used in real life. I got a pretty good grade on this hard, recent Math Magazine. Here is a pdf of my Math Magazine.


In Social Studies, we learned about the Renaissance. Our homework was to create a slide about a person who contributed to the Renaissance. I choose to write about Leonardo Da Vinci. Here is a link to my work.


Art is really fun. I really like art because it lets me show off my creativity. I created an aboriginal piece. My aboriginal art piece is of a platypus. Here is the pdf of it.


My Science class has hardly any tests so when we get one, it is really big and important. This recent test was about a challenger mission. Most of the test was multiple choice but some were written response. There were more than 30 questions.

An Audit On My Blog

I participated in 10 weeks of the SBC challenges and I wrote 12 posts in that period. In the whole time period, I only got 1 comment from someone from my school. I think I enjoyed writing about the perfect pet I never had because I really like pets. I used chrome music lab to show creativity on my SBC week 6 blog. I think I would keep blogging so I can practice writing.


The person who is going to look at my blog is a friend of mine.

They said that my blog was very informational and like a documentary. The thing that caught there attention was the nice images but the thing that distracted them was the information. They said that the only suggestion about my blog is to write more on the posts.



The Perfect Pets I Never Had

Do you have a pet? A dog, cat or bird? I really want a dog. I really like Dalmatians because they can be energetic, outgoing, intelligent, playful, sensitive, friendly and active. I would get a Dalmatian if it was up to me but my mom is allergic to dog hair. Instead of a dog, I would like a cute little Guinea Pig because they can learn complex paths to find food so I can build a maze. If I can’t get a dog or Guinea Pig, then I would have a parrot. If I get a parrot, I would teach it to impersonate myself. I used 9 best pets for kids as a reference.

using google free to use image
using Pixabay
using Pixabay

Future Travel

In the future, I would like to travel to multiple places but I would like to go to Japan. I really want to go to Japan because the food is awesome and the people and the landscaping are nice. I usually like Japanese food like udon, ramen, bento, and sushi. Most restaurants in Hawaii aren’t really good but some are okay so I bet original Japanese food is so much better. Mount Fuji and snow is something I would like to see. I have never experienced snow in my life and Mount Fuji is a beautiful attraction. When I go I would bring home a Tamiya model or a Gundam model. Gundam is a giant robot tv series.

Photo by Manuel Cosentino on Unsplash
Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash






Marbleized Easter Egg

Marbleized Easter Egg

Easter is coming and winning Easter egg dye contests are pretty hard. To win this years contest, you need to find a new technique. Here is a new technique you can use. This dying technique makes your egg look like marble. For this activity, you will need hard-boiled eggs, store-bought dye, and 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.

The first thing you do is mix the dye according to the instructions. Next, you add 1 tablespoon of the oil to each color you want to use. After, you die the egg the way the dye package instructs. Lastly, you set the dyed egg aside to dry. The oil will cause a marble effect.

used google free to use


SBC week 6

Ed Sheeran

Ed  Sheeran or Edward Christopher Sheeran, is an English singer, songwriter, guitarist, record producer, and actor. Ed Sheeran was born on 17 February 1991. He is currently 28 years old. Sheeran has sold more than 150 million records worldwide making him the best selling music artist. His song multiply was released in 2014 and peaked number 1 in the US and in the UK. Plus was released in 2011 and topped UK and Australian charts. It was also top 5 in the Us. the song divide was released in 2017 and mad first in the UK and in the US. Ed Sheeran was also an actor in The Bastard Executioner and in the film Yesterday.


I made my own music using Chrome Music Lab. Here is my own music

SBC week 5

I made a survey about school. The survey is about lunch, start and finishing times, classes and overall school. here is the link to the survey.

The school I go to is Hongwanji Middle SchoolMy school is very big. In the middle of the campus, there is a big green space made of artificial grass and a basketball court. There are five buildings. A middle school building, an elementary building, an office, a gym, and fort Gakuen building. In the fort Gakuen building, there is a Japanese class, a Technology class, art class, and preschool classes.

Image result for hongwanji mission school                                                                     Image result for hongwanji mission school campus

McDonald’s – the deadly Restaurant

McDonald’s may taste like it is amazing and tasty. But it isn’t good for your health. One item on the menu is 1,130 calories. Eating a diet high in calories is yummy, but it can be harmful if you are not highly active. When you have supplies of insulin, your body chooses to store excess calories in fat cells making you fatter. Although McDonald’s is bad for you, going once in a long time is okay, like I do. McDonald’s also baits kids in with happy meals. My favorite McDonald’s item is the sausage McMuffin with egg, hash brown, and fries.
Image result for McDonald's sausage mcmuffin with egg





Image result for mcdonalds hash browns

Image result for mcdonalds fries

How To Get Images Properly

Image result for dalmatian

I got this image of a Dalmatian by searching up Dalmatian, clicking on tools at the top, pressing Usage Rights, and chose labeled for reuse. To properly attribute the image, you click on the website and then copy the URL.


I got this picture of an old car by searching Creative Commons, clicking on the Flickr and searching car, then chose the image. To properly attribute the photo, click on the URL after clicking on the photo.

I got this picture of the Golden Gate Bridge by searching up Pixabay, searched up Golden Gate Bridge, and then chose the picture. To properly attribute the photo, click on the URL after clicking on the photo.


My Amazing Work From Trimester Two

These are all of my best works from trimester two.

One of my best works is my math test about measurements because it was so challenging and yet I got an A- on it.

My best work from language arts is my lesson ten Wordly Wise test because that was the test I got the highest grade on for the same kind of test

Lesson 10 Wordly Wise test


My best work from science was building a rollercoaster because it was complicated and challenging.


This is a sketch of my roller coaster

My best work from social studies is my Buddha research project because it shows my research skills and presentation skills.



My best work from art class was a painting about the beauty of Hawaii because it shows my artistic and imagination skills.